Frequently Asked Questions


How Do i get started? 

To schedule an evaluation, email or fill out the contact form here

What conditions do you treat? 

Rally PT is a general orthopedic and sports-medicine physical therapy clinic. We specialize in treating CrossFit athletes, gymnasts, endurance athletes, and overhead athletes with orthopedic injuries.

My knee/back/shoulder has been bothering me for years. Can you still help? 

Yes! We'll take a look at your movement patterns, biomechanics, and strength to discover the underlying cause of a chronic condition. We strive to treat more than just the symptoms, identifying the cause to determine an appropriate treatment plan. 



Do i need to be a crossfit RPe/Division St/Windy City member to get physical therapy at rally pt?

No, you do not have to be a CrossFit member or a CrossFit athlete to receive physical therapy at Rally PT.  If you are a member, you can choose to have your physical therapist communicate with your CrossFit coaches to develop a fitness plan and scaled workouts to help you continue to achieve your fitness goals. 

I'm not injured, but want to improve my fitness and get stronger. Can PT help? 

Rally PT offers sports performance/injury prevention sessions that include biomechanics screening, movement analysis, video feedback, and strength training to address muscle imbalances and improve overall function. Note that these visits are generally not covered by insurance. 

what makes rally pt different from other physical therapy clinics? 

At Rally PT, you'll always receive one-on-one, individualized care from a licensed doctor of physical therapy. We believe the best-quality PT comes from personalized, varied treatment and do not use rehabilitation aides or techs. You'll never receive the same treatment twice, and will benefit from our creative, evidence-based approach to receive an in-depth evaluation and quality care at every visit.