Patient Testimonials

"I knew I was in good hands from the first moment  I met Kate.  We were there to work together to get my mind and body as strong and focused as possible. I always felt safe so I could push myself to the extreme and make the most of each session. Kate gently and firmly kept me on task and on target. I wasn’t rushed. I wasn’t coddled.  Kate clearly explained the science behind the exercises and the approach.   I was a full partner in my recovery. Each skill  taught and learned fed seamlessly into the larger picture of healing and living independently. Now, two years post stroke and hundreds of hours of therapy later, Kate  is the benchmark - the gold standard physical therapist for anyone serious about recovery."

— V, former patient 

"I’ve played tennis at an elite level my whole life. I’ve always had shoulder problems and have been constantly rehabbing. Kate’s commitment, expertise and genuine concern is a huge reason why I’ve had such success on the court this year at Northwestern. My shoulders feel as strong as ever."

- M, Former Patient 

"I have done a lot of physical therapy and worked with several physical therapists over the past five years and none of them even come close to Kate! I rehabbed with Kate on an injury that doctors told me requires surgery. However, because of her extensive knowledge, attentiveness, and commitment, Kate has gotten me very close to full mobility and strength without surgery.  Kate is thorough and perceptive and makes sure to not only understand the problem, but to explain it to me as well. Most importantly, she takes the time to listen and to gauge how I am feeling. She knows when to push me and is dedicated to my recovery even when I feel like giving up. She is challenging yet compassionate – the perfect combination for recovery!"        

— M, former patient